This project is out of date.

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You must use this software at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible for any subsequent damages caused. In various tests there was no clue that this software would damage anything on the system. But if you want to be sure or you do not know what you are doing (with this software) do not download and install it!


1) You should be logged on to your system as administrator. If you want to install the software without administrator privileges, take a look at the hints from the WinPcap-FAQ below.

2) Install the WinPcap library. Follow the hints on the screen. You can get the current version of WinPcap at .

3) Run the NetMonitor.exe with administrative privileges and select your network interface for the LAN. If you copy this program to your programs folder, make sure that you also copy all .dat files.

Q-7: Do I need to be Administrator in order to execute programs based on WinPcap on Windows NT/2000/XP? A: Yes/no. The security model of WinPcap is quite poor, and we plan to work on it in the future. At the moment, if you execute a WinPcap-based application for the first time since the last reboot, you must be administrator. At the first execution, the driver will be dynamically installed in the system, and from that moment every user will be able to use WinPcap to sniff the packets.