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NetMonitor is a packet capture tool for the local area network and presents all relevant low-level network data in four different views: a list of hosts, a packet log which can be limited to a selected host, a network diagram and a traffic diagram. The host list shows all computers which are sending packets (usually only broadcast and multicast packets are visible from other hosts in a switched network). Various properties are shown, such as MAC, IP, vendor of network interface, hostname, workgroup, data sent, protocol and special info. If you want to see more details of a host, just click on it. The packet log will show all packets of the selected host (MAC, source IP, destination IP, packet length, protocol, info). NetMonitor works with all modern Windows OSes, e. g. Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


There is also a graphical representation of the network in the network diagram view. All hosts are arranged in a circle. The active hosts are coloured green and the connections are marked by lines. The protocol of the current packet is drawn next to the connection line. The last view in the NetMonitor is the traffic diagram. It shows the upload and download rate of all raw traffic coming in at the network interface. A small tray icon shows different symbols depending on the traffic rate. You can save the captured data to a plain text file.

The NetMonitor is able to work completely passive and uses the promiscuous mode of the network interface. Packet-capturing is based on the WinPcap library (current version can be found at ). If you are interested in some technical details please visit the FAQ.

My special thanks goes to Prof. Dr. Jürgen Heym from the University of Applied Sciences Hof for supervising my diploma thesis, consulting in technical issues and supporting the whole project!

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